Tu lengua vive


He hurriedly recorded his conversation in a black book with a sweaty pen. Oh, just do 70-533 design pdf it. Now, go to those trash cans, stay there and direct the traffic until the entire street is clear. Did you hear that She turned and left without saying anything good or not, A street, began to slowly move a few trash cans. Every driver who passed by her glared at her, and some mumbled in her mouth. Shakes glanced at the watch. Another hour I ExamGuidePdf: Latest IT Certification Training Material, The fastest way to pass your IT exam can 70-533 design pdf hold on. 3 The peregrine falcon gently waving 200-310 tutorial a few wings, landing ExamGuidePdf: Latest IT Certification Training Material, The fastest way to pass your IT exam in the edge of the windowsill. Outside the window, noon the sun 70-533 design pdf bright and dazzling, the weather seems to be extremely hot. Finally, the man murmured, turning his head to the buzzing doorbell and looking at the door to the downstairs. Is he He shouted at the staircase, is it Lincoln Lyme turned his head to the window again without hearing any answer. The peregrine falcons head turned a little and moved very fast, just like a spasm, immediately returning to 70-533 design pdf the original elegant gesture of keeping. Lyme noticed the blood stained its 70-533 design pdf paw, and a piece of yellowish flesh was pulled by its small, black, nut shell-like beak. It stretches short neck, move slowly to the nest, the action is reminiscent of not a bird, 200-310 tutorial but a snake. ExamGuidePdf: Latest IT Certification Training Material, The fastest way to pass your IT exam The peregrine Falcon dropped the meat into the small mouth of a blue-winged bird. What I now see is the only creature in 70-533 design pdf New 300-075 exam topics York City without any natural enemies, 300-075 exam topics Lyme thought. Maybe God except God. He heard footsteps, and someone ExamGuidePdf: Latest IT Certification Training Material, The fastest way to pass your IT exam was walking up the stairs. Is he He asked Thomas. The young man answered, ExamGuidePdf: Latest IT Certification Training Material, The fastest way to pass your IT exam No. Who is that The doorbell rang, is not 200-310 tutorial it Thomass eyes looked at the window. The bird is back.Look, theres blood on your windowsill.Do you see them The female peregrine faltered slowly into Lymes gaze. A blue-gray 300-075 exam topics feather, gorgeous like 200-310 tutorial fish. It is looking up, looking back and forth toward the sky. They are always together, will they be with them for life Exclaimed Thomas. Like a geese 200-310 tutorial Lymes eyes returned to Thomas. The latter was bowing his strong, young waist forward, looking through the window, which was splashed with rain. Who is ExamGuidePdf: Latest IT Certification Training Material, The fastest way to pass your IT exam here Lyme asked again. He was annoyed by the deliberate delay of young people. Visitors. 70-533 design pdf Visitors 300-075 exam topics Ha Lyme snorted. He 200-310 tutorial tried to recall when the last guest visit was. That is at least three months ago. Who was the guest last visited Maybe those reporters, or a distant relatives. Thats right, 300-075 exam topics its Peter Chter, a spine neurologist ExamGuidePdf: Latest IT Certification Training Material, The fastest way to pass your IT exam in Lyme. Blaine has been here several times, but she certainly can not be a visitor. Its so cold here, complains Tommy, reaching out to open the window at the same time. Young typical performance. Lyme 300-075 exam topics thought. Do not open the window, 70-533 design pdf he ordered, well, tell me whos coming Its cold. Youre going to scare the bird.You can turn off the air conditioner.Ill be closed. Lets open again, said Tangmajas forcefully to lift the thick wooden frame of the window. The two birds got 200-310 tutorial accustomed to playing since they moved in. Hearing the noise, the two peregrine falcons turned their heads and widened 70-533 design pdf their eyes to the source of the noise. But they were just wide-eyed, still on the edge of the bay windows, overlooking monarchs ExamGuidePdf: Latest IT Certification Training Material, The fastest way to pass your IT exam overlooking the collapsed ginkgo trees in their territory 300-075 exam topics and the car parked on ExamGuidePdf: Latest IT Certification Training Material, The fastest way to pass your IT exam both sides of the ExamGuidePdf: Latest IT Certification Training Material, The fastest way to pass your IT exam street. Lyme asked again Whos coming Leon Salet. Leon What did he do Thomas looked back and forth at the room.

I am asking you now. They want to see you. I only know these. Because they have something, they are not, they are regular, heavy, and want. Lincoln. Tone. The handsome young man reached for his blond hair. He was wearing brown trousers and 300-075 exam topics a white shirt, tied with a blue tie and the bow tie 300-075 exam topics was flawless. When he hired Tommar a year ago, Lyme once told him that he could wear jeans and a T-shirt to 70-533 design pdf work whenever he 200-310 tutorial wanted. But from that day until now, 70-533 design pdf he has been meticulously dressed. Lyme did not know if it was 300-075 exam topics because he had 200-310 tutorial kept the young man so far, but he did. No one had been in custody before Thomas before for six weeks, and those who resigned were tantamount to excommunication. Well, how 70-533 design pdf do you tell them I told them to 200-310 tutorial give me a few minutes to let me see if you got dressed first, and then they could come up. 200-310 tutorial You did not ask me Self-assertion. 300-075 exam topics Thank you very much. Thomas back to take a few steps toward the small stairs 300-075 exam topics downstairs shouted Come on, gentlemen. What did they say 300-075 exam topics to you, is not it Said, You have something to hide from me. Thomas did not answer. Raim looked at the two men up 300-075 exam topics 70-533 design pdf the stairs. When they first 200-310 tutorial entered the room Lyme first spoke. He said to 70-533 design pdf Thomas Putting on the ExamGuidePdf: Latest IT Certification Training Material, The fastest way to pass your IT exam curtains, ExamGuidePdf: Latest IT Certification Training Material, The fastest way to pass your IT exam you have already disturbed the two birds too much. The actual meaning of this sentence was that he ExamGuidePdf: Latest IT Certification Training Material, The fastest way to pass your IT exam had enjoyed the bright morning ExamGuidePdf: Latest IT Certification Training Material, The fastest way to pass your IT exam sunshine. Can not speak. Sticking to the mouth of the tape stinky and sticky, so that she can not pronounce a word. She felt despair more helplessly 70-533 design pdf than the cold, handcuffed metal on her wrist, compared to the short, stout fingers on her shoulders. 200-310 tutorial The taxi driver, still wearing a ski boot, led her to a dark, damp corridor that ran through the rows of pipes and plumbing to the basement of an office building. 200-310 tutorial But she does not know 200-310 tutorial where the exact location is. If I can speak to him T. J. Kofax is a fun person. Morgan Stanley third floor of the mother of insects. A negotiator. money Do you want money I give you 300-075 exam topics money, a lot of money, boy. But more than a few. She thought the remarks more ExamGuidePdf: Latest IT Certification Training Material, The fastest way to pass your IT exam than ten times, desperately trying to seize his eyes as if she could deliver the remarks into his head. Beg for you, she begged silently. She started thinking of ExamGuidePdf: Latest IT Certification Training Material, The fastest way to pass your IT exam her 401 k Retirement Savings Fund an important U.S. tax deferred savings plan to protect retiree benefits, with 300-075 exam topics about 42 million people participating and a total asset pool of more than 70-533 design pdf 2 trillion. – translator, she can 200-310 tutorial give her all the pensions to him. Oh, beg you She remembered the scene of the last night The man turned around after watching the fireworks, pulled them off and put handcuffs on them. He put them close to the trunk, and then re-drive the road.

Mi querido amigo:

Me contaron que naciste en tierra extraña en épocas en que tus padres y abuelos sufrían innumerables viajes forzados motivados por persecuciones, exilios que tú mismo tuviste que vivir, eventos que experimentaste hasta el cansancio también siendo ya adulto. Allí cada vez eran menos quienes podían comunicarse contigo en tu lengua materna. Me dijeron que sinceramente agradecido terminaste amando a una de las tierras que te cobijaron, que de ella tomaste mujer de tradición muy distinta a la tuya, y que fue entonces cuando cambiaste tu nombre ancestral y adoptaste uno muy distinto aunque sonaba parecido al de tu árbol genealógico, fue así que escogiste uno de esos apellidos sin riesgos de persecuciones para ti y tu descendencia, uno de fácil pronunciación en estas nuevas regiones y caminos. Tu ya no querías verte obligado a huir.

Supe que a pesar de todos esos trajines fuiste longevo, pero que moriste sin esperanzas de recuperar tu antigua identidad, dicen que partiste lamentando no haber vuelto a oír o conversar con alguien en tu lengua original, la que habías añorado siempre como idioma de amor, de espíritu, de iniciación, de piedad. La que habías hablado desde niño en el hogar, de joven en carretas de exiliados y de adulto en nuevos vehículos que te llevaban a nuevas regiones. La que habías usado para expresar tus emociones y pensamientos con tu gente delante de todos, o con tu divinidad en lo íntimo. Ese remoto lenguaje que sobrevivió a duras penas en tus oraciones, en cánticos y viejas tonadas, hibernó en la nostalgia.

Muchas veces, ya cuando tenías avanzada edad, te arrepentiste profundamente por tus decisiones y hechos que fueron distanciándote de tus raíces. Pensabas que lo divino había roto contigo y justo por ello las cosas no te salían bien. Sin embargo, y en cierto modo, te mantuviste fiel, siempre describiste lo divino con gratitud, con amor. No eras de mucho hablar, pero cuando lo hacías, era para responder con claridad. Cuando un nieto tuyo nacido bajo otra creencia te preguntaba por los asuntos del espíritu, le decías tal como antes habías dicho a tu hijo, que lo sagrado para ti era una unidad, que lo divino era una sola cosa, un solo ser, y que era amor, y a continuación cantabas bajito. Así tus amados descendientes percibieron tu amor, lo palparon en las extrañas palabras que pronunciabas, no intentaban aprender esas palabras, sin embargo las respetaban y algo de ese respeto quedó en sus corazones y en sus memorias.

¿Qué pensarías, o cómo te sentirías si te enteraras de repente que los nietos de tus nietos llegaron disfrutar una era mucho más abierta que la que a ti te tocó, que pudieron ver tiempos de menor o nula persecución?¿Podrías creer que a ellos les tocó vivir una época donde la información podría estar al alcance de casi todos, y que abolía prejuicios?¿Un tiempo en el que los pueblos tuvieran la oportunidad de levantarse y trabajar duro por ser nuevamente respetados y admirados?¿Pueblos capaces de infundir respeto, que conseguirían reivindicar su lengua, rehacerla y establecerla nuevamente como su lenguaje principal?¿Puedes imaginar el pueblo de tus antepasados revivido, reunificado en nación y estado?

Yo quisiera con toda la energía de mi corazón, amigo, que de algún modo prodigioso, o de alguna manera milagrosa, tú pudieras enterarte de esto, que sepas que tu amor perduró, que las profecías de tu sagrada historia se cumplieron en el futuro de los tiempos. Quisiera que desde donde te escribo, exista un canal de reconocimiento al esfuerzo de los tuyos y de tus antepasados, que se conecte con el canal de esperanza que ustedes crearon.

Tal vez ello suceda solamente en mi imaginación, pero igual quisiera que estuvieras aquí, mi amigo. Que sepas que yo vivo el inmenso honor de ser testigo de esta prodigiosa era en que tu lengua suena nuevamente, que puedo contar con la opción de visitar tu tierra-hogar, saborear sus tradicionales y delicias, bailar y cantar tu música, orar tus oraciones, reír y vibrar de contento celebrando que tu lengua vive.

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